2023-2024 Student Health & Dental Insurance Plans

Health and Dental insurance for UNI Students

We offer Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), a group policy administered by Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Iowa, and the Student Dental Insurance, a group policy administered by Delta Dental of Iowa through the Iowa State University Benefits Office.

2023-24 Open Enrollment 

July 1, 2023-September 30, 2023 (Policy and/or changes will be effective August 1, 2023)

Need to make changes after Open Enrollment?  (October 1, 2023-July 31, 2024)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code Section 125 contains provisions defining “qualifying events” which allow mid-year changes to your medical and dental plan elections within 31 days of the life event date (60 days for a birth or adoption). Changes are typically effective the first day of the month after the life event date.

Visit our Qualifying Event page for additional information.

UNI Student Health insurance coverage is in effect at school and during vacation periods, 24 hours a day, worldwide. You may seek care from any medical or dental provider you choose. However, if you use a participating Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield Classic Blue or a Delta Dental provider, your costs will generally be much lower.

All undergraduate students and graduate students, who are registered for 5 credit hours or more at the University of Northern Iowa, are eligible to enroll in the UNI Student Insurance Plans.

You may complete an enrollment form during an open enrollment period and return it to the University of Northern Iowa Student Health Clinic Insurance Office. For additional information, contact the Student Health Clinic Insurance Office at 319-273-7736, or email ship@uni.edu.

Student Health & Dental Insurance Plan

This policy will be effective August 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024.


UNI Student Health Insurance information and Enrollment Form

To be eligible for the student health or dental insurance, you must be a registered student attending on-campus classes at the time coverage begins and be taking at least 5 credit hours. You will not need to re-enroll at the beginning of each academic year if you are taking 5 or more credit hours unless changing your coverage. 

International Student Health Insurance Information

Under university policy, all CIEP, undergraduate and graduate international students taking 1 or more credit hours will be required to carry the University of Northern Iowa Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

View International Student Health Insurance section for waiver guidelines and more insurance information.

Identification Cards & Billing

Insured students will receive new identification cards 15-21 business days after their SHIP application has been processed.

All premiums will be charged to your university bill either 1 time at the beginning of each semester or in 4 monthly billing installments per semester.

Please contact ship@uni.edu or 319-273-7736 for the appropriate forms.

Contact Information

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa

1331 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
Customer Service/Claims Inquiries: (toll free) 1-800-694-4110

BlueCross BlueShield Global

If you need assistance while you are out of the United States and need to locate a provider or hospital.
Customer Service (toll free) 1-800-810-2583


Delta Dental of Iowa

Questions about claims or specific dental coverage: (toll free) 1-800-544-0718




International Student Health Insurance Booklet and Waiver Information

All CIEP, undergraduate and graduate International students taking 1 or more credit hours will be required to carry the University of Northern Iowa Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Download the 2023 International Student summary of coverage and benefits in PDF format.

The University of Northern Iowa requires international students entering the University purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) provided by the Student Health Clinic. Please see the University Policy 3.16: International Students Health Insurance Policy Requirements for more information.

International students are defined for this purpose as students who are not U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents or refugees. The UNI SHIP coverage is mandatory as a condition of your enrollment to the University. You will be automatically enrolled in the UNI SHIP and assessed the health insurance premium on your University bill.

In order to waive the mandatory enrollment, one of the following criteria must be met. Note that waivers are granted only under very limited circumstances.

  1. International students with foreign government-sponsored or corporate health insurance (e.g., Government of Oman, Kuwait, John Deere & Co. Insurance, and other comparable insurance approved by the UNI Student Health Clinic ). Students who have coverage which is sponsored by the aforementioned agencies must provide documentation to the Student  Health Clinic by the tenth class day of each semester
  2. International students enrolled in a custom program for eight weeks or less who have insurance approved by the host department.


‌International Student Health Insurance Waiver Form 

Waiver Guidelines for Comparable Coverage

Your health insurance coverage must meet ALL the following criteria and be submitted by the waiver deadline:

  • Coverage for all pre-existing conditions with no limits for the coverage;
  • Coverage for both accident and sickness; and have an unlimited benefit for any illness or injury;
  • A deductible not in excess of $600 per individual, per policy (academic) year;
  • Coverage for hospital room, board, miscellaneous hospital expenses, physician expenses in and out of the hospital, ambulance service, outpatient labs, x-rays and diagnostic tests without specific limitations for the treatment of medical conditions;
  • Coverage for pregnancy as any other illness or injury;
  • Inpatient and outpatient, mental health and substance abuse coverage and must be covered as any other illness or injury;
  • Must purchase coverage for entire stay, month to month or quarterly premiums are not acceptable
  • Insurance company must have a US claims address/US customer service
  • Prescription drug coverage with a minimum of $100,000 coverage per policy (academic) year;
  • Pay benefits worldwide (exemption from coverage in an international student’s home country is acceptable);
  • Provision for medical evacuation to an international student’s home country; and provision for repatriation (after death, removal of remains) to an international student’s home country.

If your health insurance coverage meets all the requirements please complete the waiver application.

Please note: Receipt of a waiver request does not guarantee a waiver will be granted. We will contact you regarding the rejection of a waiver application via your UNI E-mail account.

Waiver Deadlines

Fall Semester: September 11, 2023
Spring Semester: January 31, 2024
Summer: May 24, 2024   

Waiver forms must be submitted each policy year.