Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Start making gratitude your attitude! Challenge yourself to start a gratitude practice. Expressing gratitude can result in several beneficial outcomes, such as: reduced stress, strengthened relationships, improved sleep, increased happiness, and learned forgiveness. This means that with every effort to extend gratitude, each one of these aspects of our lives has the opportunity to increase. In other words, we have every reason to practice being thankful. This process can only transform us to have a brighter perspective on life.

Pill bottle with text in middle that reads RX: Gratitude Side Effects May Include Reduce stress, strengthened relationships, improved sleep, increased happiness, learned forgiveness.


‌Gratitude is a muscle that all of us are capable of developing, as long as we focus on turning our attention to fine tuning it. There are several ways we can implement every day activities rooted in gratitude. List of ideas to get you started:

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Student Wellness Services at UNI offers a variety of opportunities for you to exercise these activities. We want to help students find the strategies that work for them so they are able to feel the benefits of gratitude, including lowered stress, better sleep, and stronger relationships.

Looking to practice gratitude at your own pace? Explore these additional online gratitude resources: