The Counseling Center provides confidential therapy services both in person and through tele-therapy. Assistance is available for students coping with mental health symptoms, relationship problems, low self-esteem, stress, loneliness, depression, cultural differences, sexual assault recovery, childhood abuse, trauma, eating disorders and other concerns affecting a student’s well-being.

Students can initiate services by calling 319-273-2676 and scheduling an initial assessment, or students can come in to speak with the counselor on call between 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Monday-Friday if crisis counseling is needed.

We are conveniently located right on the UNI campus on the 2nd floor of the Student Health Center.

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The Counseling Center provides clinical mental health services, outreach programming and a training program to support the mental health, safety and well-being of the campus community.


We value and are dedicated to inclusivity, safety, instilling hope, fostering healing, building resiliency, and developing personal and professional growth.



Enrolled students are eligible for a free initial assessment and clinical recommendations. Short-term individual therapy (five sessions) per academic year, therapy groups and crisis appointments are provided at no additional charge. If more than five individual sessions are needed, the Counseling Center will file a claim with your health insurance company or students can work with an intern when clinically appropriate without insurance involvement.


The Counseling Center is accredited by the International Accreditation of Counseling Services (IACS).




Confidentiality & Privacy

Information shared by you in counseling sessions is confidential and protected to the full extent of the law. Information will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Counseling Center without your written permission except when, in the judgement of your counselor, such disclosure is necessary to protect you or someone else from imminent danger or when otherwise required by law.

We are unable to provide counseling or psychological advice by email, but we encourage you to call the Counseling Center at 319-273-2676 if you wish to arrange to speak with a counselor.